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Future Residents

St Catherine's College offers the best all-round university living experience. For over 70 years, the College has fostered independent thinking and collaboration and you, too, can join this rich community of young people committed to making a difference.

Our facilities and rooms

Single Room »

Single Rooms are designed to meet the specific needs of first year and international students.

Shared Room »

As a first year, international, study abroad or exchange student, you may want to keep the costs down, so the Shared Rooms are for you.

Studio Room »

Studio Rooms are designed to meet the specific needs of later year and postgraduate students.

Facilities »

Our commitment to excellence includes offering the very best facilities for living, studying and socialising.


Personalised experience


Undergraduate Students »

Living at St Catherine's will add a valuable dimension to your university studies — it will uniquely define your time as an undergraduate student.


Postgraduate Students »

We recognise that postgraduates have different needs to undergraduate students, so we offer you a range of dedicated facilities, events and support.

International Students »

Living at St Catherine's is a fantastic way to experience new cultures, expand your horizons and turn your university studies into a transformative experience.

Life at St Catherine's

Youth Innovation »

St Catherine's is a proud partner of Bloom, Western Australia's leading youth entrepreneurial community. Its coworking space, the BloomLab, is also located at the College.

Indigenous Access »

St Catherine's provides equity of access for Indigenous students and a focus on cultural immersion for other residents through Dandjoo Darbalung.

Academic Excellence »

Our comprehensive academic support services complements your university studies and ensures that you achieve your goals.

Events and Activities »

This is the time in your life to have a go and explore your potential. We have so much on offer, so embrace the opportunity.

Sport and Fitness »

You have the choice to participate in 20 different sports, accompanied by strong levels of support and encouragement from the rest of the College.

Music and Arts »

Balance is important, so you are encouraged to pursue, enjoy and experience the arts via a wide range of events, workshops, performances and exhibitions.

Mental Wellbeing »

On top of offering opportunities for you to stay fit and healthy, we also give the same attention and care to developing and maintaining your mental wellness.


Getting You Job-Ready »

We offer career readiness opportunities and we'll even match you with a professional mentor to help you secure internships, work experience and advise you about the job market.

Sustainability »

We care deeply about the environment and the entire College community strives to be resource-efficient, operationally cost-effective and environmentally sustainable.

How to apply

Fees and Scholarships »

Our fees offer you outstanding value for money and are all-inclusive. We also offer a range of scholarships and bursaries.

Application Process »

Living at St Catherine's is a popular choice, so it is recommended that you apply now to secure your place.