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Application Process

Applying to live at St Catherine's College is a simple process. Here's everything you need to know to submit your application.

Ready to join us?

Thank you for choosing us. Applying to live at St Catherine's is separate to your application to study at university. The process is managed through the UWA Residential Colleges Application Portal. A one-off non-refundable $125 registration fee applies.

When you apply, you will be asked to rank all five UWA colleges in order of preference, so please place us first, as this will determine the order in which the colleges receive your application. If for any reason we cannot give you an offer, your application will automatically be forwarded to your next college preference and so on.

The portal will accept your application up to 12 months before your expected commencement at university. We make offers on a rolling basis and because we are a popular choice, applying as soon as possible and before receiving your university offer is crucial to securing your place at St Catherine's.

Need help?

Need help or want more information? Email Andrew Boyd, the Resident Admissions and Services Manager, to discuss and assist you with your residential application.

Join us for a tour

Email Andrew Boyd to schedule a tour of the College!

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