Our Community

The St Catherine's community extends well beyond the walls of the College. Our impact is greater when we work closely with those who partner and collaborate with us, mentor and influence our residents or who are bound to the College as alumni.

Our people

Alumni »

Our alumni, who are our past residents and staff, forever call St Catherine's home. They remain actively involved in the life of the College and add immense value to our community through their legacy.

Staff and Board »

Our staff and Board work together to ensure the success and wellbeing of every resident, while striving for administrative and operational excellence.

Fellows »

We celebrate the outstanding contributions of our past residents, supporters and benefactors through the award of Fellowships.

Our relationships

Partners »

We engage with many external corporate and community partners to create enduring and mutually beneficial partnerships for residents and alumni.

Guardians and Parents »

If your child is in Year 10 or above, you need to be as well-informed as possible about the choices available to them after high school.

Teachers and Advisers »

Find all the information you need to help your students navigate the choices available to them after high school and about life at St Catherine's.

Supporting us

Giving and Philanthropy »

Philanthropy is an integral part of our culture. Much that the residents enjoy today is the result of the foresight and generosity of previous generations.