Environmental Sustainability

Our sustainability framework ensures that the College is as resource-efficient, operationally cost-effective and environmentally friendly as possible. A passionate group of residents form part of the Environmental Committee and work with staff to achieve our ambitious targets.

solar panel

Solar Energy

In 2017, we installed a 200kW energy system powered by 479 solar panels on our rooftops. Worth over $518,000, the energy generated from these panels offsets about 30% of our energy use — that's approximately $84,000 in annual electricity spend, or 257 tonnes in yearly CO2 emissions.

gardening biodiversity


Our Rooftop Gardens are always in a constant supply of fresh herbs and vegetables, planted and maintained by our own residents. You are welcome to pick any of the fresh produce all year round.

recycling program

Recycling and waste management

We seek to minimise waste in landfill and have rigorous recycling and waste management plan and process in place. For example, in our Withnell Dining Hall, we've managed to recover much of the organic materials such as food waste from ending up in landfill.

Resident-led teams enforce recycling efforts across the College, making sure that recyclable materials are sorted properly before it's sent to a Recycling Centre or Material Recovery Facility, or wherever possible, reused.