Academic Excellence

St Catherine’s College fosters a thriving academic and intellectual culture, spearheaded by our comprehensive tutoring service that complements your university studies.

academic tutoring

Free tutoring

We offer all residents an in-house academic service, with over 110 unit-specific tutorials every week, across all disciplines and year levels, led by experienced academic tutors.

Tutorials are offered on a request basis so if you are having trouble with a unit or want to excel, we can help. There are rarely more than five residents in a tutorial so you get dedicated one-on-one support to help you better understand your subject areas.

good academic results

Excellent results

We are proud of the fact that the results of over half of all units our residents are studying are of a High Distinction and Distinction grade, with over 25% of our residents never receiving a grade below a Distinction.

Furthermore, St Catherine's was the first college to receive an Excellence in Teaching and Learning Award from UWA, recognising our outstanding contribution to student learning.

academic events and activities

Academic dinners

  • Formal Hall

  • Undergraduate Faculty Dinners

  • Postgraduate Dinners

  • Scholars' Dinner

Formal Halls are a time-honoured tradition of wearing academic gowns for a three-course dinner with table service at the Withnell Dining Hall on Monday nights. In most weeks, there will also be musical entertainment and the opportunity to hear from extraordinary guest speakers.

On other nights throughout the semester, you'll have the opportunity to invite your university tutors, lecturers, professors or an industry professional to one of our Undergraduate Faculty or Postgraduate Dinners. In one semester alone, we welcomed nearly 90 academic staff or industry professionals to share their unique and invaluable insights and unique perspectives with residents.

Each year, we also recognise and celebrate the high academic achievements of our residents at our Scholars' Dinner.