Undergraduate Students

University is a formative time in your life to discover your potential. At St Catherine's College, we create an environment for you to do that in a welcoming, vibrant community. It is here where you will find life-long friendships, develop your voice, and form your ideas.

undergraduate students being supported

It all starts here

There’s something special about St Catherine's. It's a place for you to live a larger life and become immersed in the unique feeling of being part of something and of being connected to something bigger than yourself.

Here you’ll have the freedom to explore your interests and passions, you’ll meet people from every corner of the globe, and have the opportunity to get involved in a whole range of events and new activities.

It’s both energising and enriching, inspiring and exciting. We're committed to providing you with all the care, support and opportunities you need to help you excel at whatever you choose to do.

We can’t wait to welcome you.

Surpassing residents' expectations

As a community, we are committed to closing the feedback loop between staff and residents through compulsory Exit Surveys, conducted towards the end of every semester.

The feedback received allows us to continually improve services, facilities and programs for everyone.

The following results were derived from our 2017, Semester 2 Exit Survey.


97% of those surveyed are satisfied with their experience at St Catherine's.


96% of those surveyed would recommend St Catherine's to a friend.

undergraduate students are having fun

A transformative undergraduate experience

We believe learning is at its best when it’s collaborative and brought to life. Whether it’s a conversation over dinner, debating topics in a tutorial, organising social events for the whole College or participating in competitive sports, our undergraduate residents leave the College equipped with the tools to have a significant impact in their chosen field.

This is enhanced by living and learning with an incredibly diverse community of over 400 residents who will expand your horizons. At St Catherine's we turn your undergraduate degree into a transformative, world-class, university experience.

female undergraduate students first year at university

Dedicated support for our first-year university residents

We know how daunting going to university can be and we are here to help! Our support for our undergraduate residents includes assisting your transition from high school to more self-directed study and active learning. These are both very necessary for successful university study.

Sessions are run monthly and focus on a range of areas, from general tips to topic-specific information and resources. Our lessons include the following:

  • Developing effective self-study habits

  • Identifying individual learning styles

  • General health

  • Wellness and motivation

  • Avoiding procrastination

  • Preparing for lectures

  • Tutorials and labs

  • Essay writing and referencing

This specialised support for undergraduate students recognises the new teaching styles of universities with two key principles:

  • That students will be expected to take responsibility for their own learning, and

  • That the traditional model of information presentation will be replaced by small group workshops where students are encouraged to critique, analyse and apply their learning.