Events and Activities

Have a go at trying something new or make it your mission to meet every single resident in College. While there is no single College routine or lifestyle, our events and activities bring residents together. At St Catherine's we encourage you to take charge and make the best out of your College experience.

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Resident-led clubs

Join a club or start your own! Whatever you're good at, whatever you're passionate about, whatever you'd like to try — you'll find something to get involved in at St Catherine's. Listed below is just a sneak peek of what you can expect.

  • Captain's Ball Club

  • Dance Club

  • Brunch Club

  • Movie Club

  • Soccer Club

  • Sushi Club

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Annual events

There is never a dull moment at St Catherine’s. You’re destined to meet other talented, like-minded people from Perth and from all over the world:


  • Secret Friends week

  • Wing events

  • Commencement Dinner

  • Valedictory Dinner

  • Zombie Apocalypse

  • Annual Ball

  • Inter-college Battle of the Bands

  • Inter-college Lip Dub

  • Postgraduate pub crawl


  • Multicultural Week

  • Weekly art sessions

  • Cultural Immersion

  • Cats Contiki

  • Amazing Race

  • Language Tables


  • Social sports at UWA

  • Sports Dinner

  • Inter-college Sports Cup

  • Fitness classes in the gym

Academic/personal development

  • Bloom events and workshops

  • Life Hack workshops

  • Formal Hall

  • Undergraduate Faculty Dinner

  • Postgraduate Dinner

  • Scholars' Dinner

Community service/volunteering

  • Earth Hour

  • Golden Z Club

  • Do It In A Dress

  • Relay for Life

  • World's Greatest Shave