Postgraduate Students

We recognise postgraduates have different needs to undergraduates, so we offer you a range of dedicated facilities, events and support.

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Supporting postgradute students

Postgraduate coursework and research offer you the opportunity to stretch yourself intellectually and extend the horizons of knowledge. While this is all exhilarating stuff, it can also be a lonely and demanding period of your higher education journey, especially if you are moving to Perth from interstate or overseas. 

Choosing to live at St Catherine's makes it easy for you to find friends within our community of like-minded scholars who can support each other and make this important part of your education highly enjoyable.

Living in beautiful surroundings so close to the university and significant research institutes and centres of excellence, allows you to focus on your coursework and research while building unforgettable experiences balanced through social friendships and external advice and guidance.

Surpassing residents' expectations

As a community, we are committed to closing the feedback loop between staff and residents through compulsory Exit Surveys, conducted towards the end of every semester.

The feedback received allows us to continually improve services, facilities and programs for everyone.

The following results were derived from our 2017, Semester 2 Exit Survey.


97% of those surveyed are satisfied with their experience at St Catherine's.


96% of those surveyed would recommend St Catherine's to a friend.

postgraduate study room and common area

Dedicated facilities

As a postgraduate student, you'll most likely live in a Studio Room in our new buildings. Our architecturally-designed Studio Rooms offer you a personal study and rest space with an en suite bathroom and kitchenette. While our Studio Room lends itself to a more independent living environment, you'll still be well taken care of with the support of a Residential Adviser (RA) and have access to all events and services offered to undergraduate residents as well.

You'll also have exclusive and unrestricted access to the Postgraduate Common Room, featuring comfortable lounges, a large kitchen, large screen TV and sound system. The Postgraduate Common Room serves a dual purpose, functioning mostly as a lively social space for you to enjoy, as well as a rigorous intellectual environment at other times, acknowledging the challenges of postgraduate coursework and research degrees and the need to unwind.

postgraduate student being supported

Dedicated events and support

Like our undergraduate residents, our community of postgraduate residents come from all walks of life and study a wide range of disciplines across all faculties at university. Whether you are studying a postgraduate coursework degree or undertaking research, dedicated support from staff, Residential Advisers (RA), academic tutors and alumni form a fundamental component of life at St Catherine's.

You'll continue to get access to every program and service offered to our undergraduate residents, plus a whole lot more. Along with the extra support and guidance, there's also plenty of networking, teaching, career and social opportunities.

Contact is made with alumni and other members of industry and the college community during regular academic dinners, ongoing professional development workshops and networking events which have benefited many in their future professional careers. You may also be hired as an academic tutor or mentor for undergraduate residents, providing you with teaching experience and income.

Finally, you will also be offered exclusive social events in and out of College, like social sports teams, theatre and concert outings, and group bookings to events like the acclaimed Perth Festival. Besides pre-planned events, impromptu movie nights and friends to share a meal out or a few drinks at one of the local bars and restaurants also happen regularly.