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Incident report

St Catherine's is always concerned for the wellbeing and security of all our residents. Please be an active citizen of our community by adhering to the following procedures if you are involved in or witness a health or safety incident in College:

  • Emergencies »

    If you or a fellow resident is unwell or there is an emergency of any kind, please contact staff or a Residential Adviser (RA) immediately.

  • Non-emergencies »

    If you are involved in, or witness an incident that causes you concern but is not an emergency, please log it using the incident report form. Your report will be sent securely to the Head of College, who will ensure that the matter is reviewed and appropriate action taken where necessary.

Overnight guest

You'll need to complete the overnight guest registration form on the Resident Portal if you want to have an overnight guest staying with you in your room. Refer to the College Handbook for details on the restrictions regarding accommodating overnight guests in your room. A foldaway bed will be provided.

Alternatively, you can also book a St Catherine's on Park room for your guest. These are well-appointed hotel-style room which includes free Wi-Fi and daily breakfast in the Withnell Dining Hall. As a resident, you'll also get a discount on bookings. Email Vikram Biala, the Business Development Manager, for more information.

Notification of absence

While there are no curfews and you can leave and enter the College premises at any time, you must let us know when you are going to be away for more than two nights in a row for any reason using this form. This includes over any breaks in the academic semester and the annual Winter vacation period.

Extending your contract

If you would like to extend your residency contract to extend your stay in College over the Summer vacation period, email Andrew Boyd, the Resident Admissions and Services Manager.

Changing your meal plan

If you are on a 7 meal plan and would like to upgrade to a 14 or 21 meal plan, email Pam, the Assistant Accountant.

Report a maintenance issue

You'll need to complete the maintenance issue form on the Resident Portal to report a maintenance issue in your room or around the College. We'll let you know directly by email once the issue has been resolved.

Update your details

You can update your personal details at Reception.

Re-enrol as a returning resident

To re-enrol as a returning resident, complete the reapplication form on the Resident Portal.

Fees and other payments

For any enquiries on fees and other payments, email Pam, the Assistant Accountant.

Receiving essential communication from the College

It is your responsibility to make sure that you are receiving and reading essential communication (such as the Weekly Bulletin and posts on the private Facebook Groups for residents) from the College. If you are not receiving the Weekly Bulletin, report this at Reception.