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Whether you are at the beginning of your degree or at the end, it is never too late to request for tutoring that will help achieve your academic goals. a

A comprehensive tutoring service

At St Catherine's, we pride ourselves on high academic achievement. Residents have an average grade of a High Distinction or Distinction, with over 25% of them having never received a grade below a Distinction.

Furthermore, we were the first college to receive an Excellence in Teaching and Learning Award from The University of Western Australia, recognising our outstanding contribution to student learning.

As a resident, you have access to our comprehensive in-house tutoring service, with over 110 unit-specific tutorials every week, across all disciplines and year levels, led by experienced academic tutors.

Tutorials are offered on a request basis so if you are having trouble with a unit or want to excel, we can help. There are rarely more than five residents in a tutorial so you get dedicated one-on-one support to help you better understand your subject areas.

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Language tables

Hosted by a native speaker, language tables are held once a week with residents coming together in groups to learn and practice the language that they are studying.

Tables are also held for English as a Second Language (ESL) residents, giving international students the opportunity to practice their English in a supportive and fun environment.