Get Involved

Make the most of your time at St Catherine's! Attend events, participate in community volunteering opportunities and join the various resident-run clubs (or start your own club!).

Participate in an event

At St Catherine's, we have so many events and opportunities available to us. Events are organised both by the College and by our residents - you can find out more via the Facebook groups associated to your year group.

Opportunities around the College

Whether it's professional or volunteering opportunities, getting experience outside of your university degree is essential. Most young people underestimate the importance of their general skills and employability, with many employers now looking more closely at the skills you have developed through extracurricular activities.

Getting experience through leadership and internship opportunities allows you to gain valuable hands-on knowledge and skills, while adding an extra dimension to your résumé. Within the College, you can apply to be a leader within the community as a Residential Adviser (RA). There are multiple roles and positions within the RA Team structure, and you may even be eligible to earn credit points on your university transcript for your leadership work.

The College also offers a range of casual work experience and structured internships. For example, you can apply your classroom knowledge into practice in our Marketing and Alumni Office, where you'll be able to take on projects that will have real-world impact. Best of all, many of these positions are paid.