Startup Launchpad

Are you currently a student at The University of Western Australia? Why not start your entrepreneurial journey while earning 6-credit points through the Startup Launchpad program, a one-semester course delivered in partnership with the UWA Business School and Bloom.

Program overview

Ever wanted to start a business but don’t know where to begin?

The Startup Launchpad program provides students at The University of Western Australia with the opportunity to develop their business skills and explore their entrepreneurial interests. Over the course of a semester, students will research, develop, launch and promote their very own business — all under the guidance of Bloom's community of experienced volunteers, members, mentors and advisers.

You don't need to have a ground-breaking idea to get involved — just your passion to start something, whether it be a social enterprise or e-commerce site.

What do I get out of the program?

  • Academic Credit at UWA — 6-credit points awarded as part of BUSN3348 (undergraduate) or BUSN5505 (postgraduate).

  • Practical Experience — Ever wished you could apply what you learned in class? Launchpad arms you with business basics which can be directly applied to your own startup.

  • Mentorship Network — Bloom has access to a broad range of experienced volunteers, members, mentors and advisers who are experts in everything from marketing and web development to business strategy. And they’ll be there to help you with your business, every step of the way.

How do I apply and enrol?

Admission into the Startup Launchpad program is highly selective. There are multiple steps to applying to join the program:

  1. Submit Expression of Interest

    If you are interested in joining the Startup Launchpad program you should register your interest visiting this page. This will ensure that you receive further info about the program. You do not need a startup idea to register your interest.

  2. Enrol in a UWA Business Practicum unit

    To participate in the Startup Launchpad program you will enrol in a UWA Business Practicum unit, either BUSN3348 (undergraduate) or BUSN5505 (postgraduate).

    Students should enrol in the UWA Business Practicum unit prior to being accepted into the Startup Launchpad program and before UWA re-enrolments close.

    Students that do not meet the prerequisites of the UWA Business Practicum unit and are interested in this program are strongly encouraged to discuss their individual circumstances with the UWA Business School.

    Applicants will be advised by Week Two of Semester One 2018 if their application to the Startup Launchpad program has been successful.

  3. Submit Written Application (before Week 1)

    A written application will be sent to all students who have completed the above two steps. The form will include questions about your proposed idea and rationale for applying and selection into the program.

  4. Attend Panel Interview (Week 1)

    Students who are shortlisted will be invited to attend a 10-minute panel interview held in Week 1. Panel members will decide which applicants are appropriate for the program based on their aptitude, ambition, persistence, and leadership qualities.