Bloom's Members

Bloom is proud to be home to over 50 actively engaged startups, who range from the highly technical, to social enterprises helping people to realise their true potential. Here are some examples:

Idle Australia

Idle Australia is an online marketplace to find, hire and lease idle construction equipment. By applying a new business model to the industry, Idle Australia aims to expand and create more competitive leasing options to the trades and construction industry, both nationally and then abroad.

Flashbang Apps

Flashbang strives to shape peoples perceptions of technology as being capable of elegance and beauty. With access to some of the brightest developers and designers in Perth and only the latest frameworks and technologies to build with, they build web and mobile applications which people love.

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Befriend makes it easy for people to get connected, breaking down the barriers and social rules that get in the way of making diverse friendships happen. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what you do, or what you believe in, Befriend values everyone, running a range of initiatives that create opportunities and develop skills and growing a culture of inclusion.