Connect and Network

We have established alumni networks locally by year or decade and by regions globally. These networks are a great way to stay in touch with fellow former residents and continue to stay engaged in the life of the College.

Join our Facebook Groups for alumni

Mentor current residents

Current residents who in their third year of study or above at university can elect to be matched with a professional mentor from their intended career industry. Mentors who are already involved come from a wide range of industries; many of them being professionals currently connected to the College (such as alumni and Fellows). We are always looking to partner with more alumni to grow our pool of professional mentors. If you are interested in being involved, email Ashleigh Benadretti, the Deputy Head of College.

Alternatively, we also offer those who are going back to their hometown or country after completing their studies an opportunity to be connected with a recent former resident who has been through that process to help them adjust to life after College. If you are interested in being involved and helping new graduates of the College, email Brooke Peden, the Alumni Coordinator.