What is St Catherine's?

St Catherine's is many things to different people. More than just on-campus accommodation for university students, it is here where you will find the inspiration and encouragement to embrace opportunities that will shape your life.


We encourage independent thinking and collaboration and you, too, can join this rich community of young people committed to making a difference.


Sports, health and fitness is an integral part of our College, whether you’re part of a team, supporting your fellow resident athletes or finding your fit using your free UWA Sport membership.


St Catherine's provides an environment where all artistic tastes, interests and abilities are embraced. Take part in music tutorials and talent nights, or make use of the dedicated soundproof music rooms.


We foster a thriving academic and intellectual culture, with more than 2,000 hours of dedicated tutoring assigned to our residents in 2017.


St Catherine’s keeps its focus on being a College where its global citizens of excellence are those who can first identify issues facing their communities and then work collaboratively to address them.

The future

Our partnership with WA's leading youth entrepreneurial community, Bloom, enables you to embrace your future in an innovative way.


There is never a dull moment at St Catherine’s, with events and activities for everyone. The College is a safe space for you to have a go, try something new and discover your interests and talents.


We support our residents in various ways throughout their university journey. We even go out of our way to make sure you are job-ready by the time you graduate.


Our residents come from more than 30 different nationalities from all walks of life. We live and breathe diversity every day.


We are a welcoming, lively and supportive home to undergraduates, postgraduates, Fellows and visiting academics from across the world.