An Inviting Home Away From Home
For International and Exchange Students at UWA


St Catherine's College welcomes many students from all around the world. They choose to live at St Catherine's College to enrich their study abroad experience at UWA. Residents at the College are immersed in building strong academic and social networks, with lots of opportunities to participate in sporting and cultural programs in a thriving, warm and supportive community.



Choose to Study at WA's Top University

The University of Western Australia (UWA) is Western Australia’s top university. Research conducted at UWA is respected globally, reaching new horizons in medicine and health sciences, agriculture, chemistry, geology, metallurgy, engineering, astrophysics, renewable energy and environmental management. Our artists, musicians and actors are familiar to the world.

Choose to Live at St Catherine's College

Many international students at UWA choose to enrich their study abroad experience with residency at St Catherine's College. Known for its strong commitment to excellence, St Catherine's is more than just a residential college. It's an engaging, vibrant community of true citizens of the world who are successful in their academic, creative and sporting pursuits and service to the wider community.


Friends For Life

Our community is full of energy, learning and laughter. On any given day the College is bustling with residents from all over Australia and the world, staff, visiting Fellows, distinguished academics and a formidable company of alumni who have made significant contributions to communities across the world. It is a chance to form friendships and connections that will stay with you for life.

A Supportive Community

Life at St Catherine's College is all about living and learning together. This vibrant combination, at the heart of residential college living, adds a valuable dimension and uniquely defines your study abroad experience. As a place of living and learning, St Catheirne's is an all-inclusive community, full of opportunity, support, interaction and diversity.

What to Expect?

You’re about to study abroad but you don’t know anyone, you’re not familiar with Perth and you need a place to feel at home. We totally get this, and you are not alone!

The College is home to students from all walks of life, from all over Australia and the world. We are proud of our diverse, accepting and supportive community of scholars and achievers.

No Stress and Hassles

Living at St Catherine's College takes away the stress and hassle of living away from home. Your residency includes a spacious, fully furnished Single Room to call your own, internet, a UWA gym membership, all utilities and weekly professional cleaning. And for those days where you just want a bit of fun, we have a big red slide, games room and two rooftop gardens!

Enjoy delicious, all-you-can-eat meals every day at the Withnell Dining Hall. You will also be pleased to know that the chef and kitchen team will cater to every taste and dietary requirement — western, asian, vegetarian, gluten free and more!


Lots to Do and Get Involved In

St Catherine's College offers an exciting smorgasbord of activities throughout the year in a safe and supportive environment, so it's OK to have a go and try something new.

Our residents also get access to our unique Flagship Programs, specially designed to assist you to be successful, whether it be academically or just to get the most out of your university experience. 

The best part of all? Our activities and programs are offered at no additional cost as part of your residency at St Catherine's, and is not something you'll get living elsewhere!

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Hear from three Chinese international students who chose to live on campus at St Catherine's College. Don't be afraid to contact us for more information. We speak your language!



English Language Academic Support

St Catherine’s College recognises that in some cases international students have an added challenge when studying abroad and having to learn in a language that isn’t there first or native language. St Catherine’s offers a wide range of support to both domestic and international students but in particular offers support in the area of English as a second language (ESL).

Students can participate in weekly unit specific tutorials, get assistance with their essay writing skills and also participate in informal English conversational groups, called language tables. Fluency in a language is as much about understanding social cues, cultural customs and all important colloquialisms as it is about the words themselves.


Diversity Champions

St Catherine's College embraces diversity. We enrich ourselves through celebrating our differences and learning more about different cultures and traditions.

This year, eight Diversity Champions stepped up to help us become truly global citizens, by seeing that 'there is a little bit of each culture in each of us' and that we should be open to what each culture offers by really listening to one another.

Australia’s Sunniest Capital City

For international students, Perth is the perfect location with its warm, sunny climate and relaxed outdoor lifestyle. Perth is also in the same time zone as many Asian countries, making it easier to keep in touch with family and friends.

St Catherine's College is located within the UWA Crawley Campus precinct, along the Swan River and just minutes from the Perth CBD, Kings Park, foodie hotspots and historic tourist attractions. Major bus routes also run past the College, making travel to other places of interest like Fremantle and Cottesloe Beach, easy.

There are also a wealth of activities for you to experience in Western Australia, from the drama of the outback and spectacular coastlines, to the sub-tropical wilderness in the North West. Our residents regularly organise roadtrips together to explore the many wonders that our vast state has to offer.


Pre-Departure Assistance and Orientation

St Catherine's College runs an inclusive orientation program to help new residents get settled in to their living and learning environment. In this week full of fun activities, you'll get to meet your closest neighbours and other residents from around Australia and the world. You will also be introduced to the College staff and your Residential Advisor (RA), who is responsible for your pastoral care.

Additionally, UWA provides a range of programs and orientation sessions for international students to prepare for their move to Perth. Learn more about these programs here.

Applying to Live at St Catherine's College is Simple

We look forward to receiving your application and welcoming you in the near future! Applying to St Catherine's College is a simple, 4-step process.

Need Help or More Information?

St Catherine's College has many years of experience in assisting international students. Andrew Boyd, our Resident Admissions and Services Manager, will be happy to discuss and assist you with your application.

Andrew Boyd
Resident Admissions and Services Manager

"Thank you for your interest in applying for residency at St Catherine's College. I look forward to receiving your application and welcoming you in the near future. If you have any enquiries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me."

Phone: +61 8 9442 0590