Programs and Activities

Whatever you’re good at, whatever you‘d like to be good at, whatever you’re passionate about, whatever you’d like to try — you’ll find something to get involved in at St Catherine’s College.

Flagship Programs

St Catherine's College is proud to offer a number of unique programs that enhance our resident experience. Our flagship programs are driven by staff and senior residents. They are tailor-made and appropriate for each resident and are offered at no additional cost as part of your residency at St Catherine's.

Events Calendar

St Catherine's is an environment where it's OK to have a go and try new things. The College offers an exciting smorgasbord of events throughout the year, and listed here is just a sample of these events. Check out our full calendar of events to see what's coming up.

  • The Annual Ball
  • Multi-Cultural Week
  • Annual Arts Week
  • Inter-College Sport
  • Battle of the Bands
  • Inter-College Lip Dub Competition
  • Fitness Classes
  • Yoga
  • Parliamentary Debating
  • Weekly Formal Hall
  • Faculty Nights
  • Postgraduate-specific Dinners, Workshops and Activities
  • Resident-led Interest Clubs
  • Bloom Events and Workshops
  • Transition to University Workshops
  • Academic Tutorials and Workshops
  • Professional Mentoring Program

Katie Bellini
Deputy Head of College

"The success of our residents is a priority for St Catherine's College and we have designed a number of comprehensive, supportive and meaningful programs to assist you to be successful, whether it be academically or just to get the most out of your university experience!"

Phone: +61 8 9442 0561

Ashleigh Benadretti
Dean of Residents

"You won’t get lost in a crowd, you won't get overlooked, you won’t slip between the cracks. You will be a welcome and valued individual. People will get to know you, and you them. You'll be seen and heard and given every opportunity to take an active role in College life."

Phone: +61 8 9442 0411