Getting You Job-Ready


Interview by Sian O’Sullivan

In today's rapidly changing world, a university degree is only just the beginning of an exciting journey. Future success depends on the decisions you make now. That's why we go out of our way to make sure that our residents are job-ready by the time they graduate from university. It is, after all, our goal for our residents to be successful, while a resident at College, and beyond. 

Student Academic Coordinator: Holly Nilan

Student Academic Coordinator: Holly Nilan

My name is Holly Nilan and I’m the Student Academic Coordinator. This semester we’ve run three different workshops designed to help residents develop the skills and knowledge they need to get a flying start in their careers after they graduate. Our workshops have tackled how to write an amazing CV, how to create a LinkedIn profile and awesome interview skills.

The opportunities that the College provides are unparalleled. No other college has events as personal and tailored to your needs like St Cat’s!

There’s many people at the College who are willing to find out what you’re interested in and connect you with amazing mentors, or opportunities and events.

Take every opportunity you can, and St Catherine’s has a lot of them!


Holly’s Top Tips

1.     It’s not what you know it’s who you know.

Your network is invaluable because it will make your pathway into an amazing job that much easier. Volunteering for an organisation you are passionate about looks great on a resume and is an excellent way to expand your network. St Catherine’s also holds faculty dinners that are excellent opportunities to connect with professionals in your area of interest.


2.     Expand your skill set beyond what you think you need for your career.

If you see an opportunity for something you may not think you are qualified for, still try anyway because it can give you a whole bunch of skills you never knew you wanted. There are so many opportunities to broaden your horizons at College, so take a chance on something new.


3.     Know how to sell yourself

In person and via written communication. Identify your strengths and play to them. Approach every position you apply for with the attitude that you’re really going to really fit into the company because that’s what recruiters are looking for.



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