Resident Profile: Napachol Parichattkul

Interview by Amy Papasergio


My name is Napachol Parichattkul and I’m from Bangkok, Thailand. I’m currently at Taylor’s College, pursuing the foundation program. The subjects I’m undertaking include maths, English, computing, and marketing. I hope to go on and undertake the Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in Management and Marketing, at UWA. I like Taylor’s because I’m provided with phenomenal academic support and get to study alongside other friendly students representing a variety of unique cultural backgrounds.

At Taylor’s College, I'm a member of the student council. We think of activities each semester for the new students to take part in. I'm looking forward to leaving a positive impact at Taylor’s College and while I'm there, I aim to engage in more discussions with other students to facilitate a stronger sense of community.

I love sports, as I play golf, enjoy Latin dancing and even train in Muay Thai, which is a form of traditional Thai kickboxing. I also like to write poetry and play the drums.

I live in Lower Whitfield, which is a wing I love living in because of its close proximity to the dining hall. The best thing about St Cat's so far has been making new friends from so many different countries. I have friends from USA, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and many more vibrant countries.

I love Bangkok because of its paradoxical beauty. We have beautiful traditional temples right next to modern shopping malls. It’s a unique mix of modern and traditional and I’m excited to go back over the June holidays to see my family and share my incredible stories about Perth with them.

Marketing Manager