Study Week Wrap-Up

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By Amy Papasergio


Study Week doesn’t have to be stressful - thanks to the hard work of our Residential Advisors (RA’s)! They provided stress busters, study packs, suppers and a relaxing place to study.

Study Packs

Every resident received an study pack, created by the RA’s, to help them through study week. The packs included a customisable weekly study schedule, stationery and some tasty treats delivered to their rooms.       

Stress Busters

During the study week, the RA’s conducted various stress buster activities to help residents let loose after a busy day of studying:

  • Monday: A Zumba session

  • Tuesday: Investigative games of Mafia.

  • Wednesday: Mario Cart

  • Thursday: Bouncy castle.

  • Friday: Petting zoo

  • Saturday: Pamper night


Every night through study week and into the exam weeks, a supper was provided for those who are up late studying. There was a different snack each night, including hedgehog slice, brownies, chocolates, croissants and so on - all prepared by our kitchen staff!

Study Hall

Study Hall was held every night from 8:30 pm to 10 pm during study week. It provided a calm and quiet work place which was perfect to prepare for exams. The nights were made special by our Director of Studies, Holly Nilan, with her words of support, personalised merit certificates, stickers and treats ready to reward residents for their hard work.

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