Resident Profile: Julia Wong

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Interview by Amy Papasergio


I came to college last year from Singapore and I live in Lower Whitfield. I love how most of my friends are in the same building. We always meet in the Upper Whit breakout area to study and eat noodles together. 

My favourite part of St Cat’s has been meeting my friends. I also love how pet-friendly the College is, with all the College dogs. I love going to my friends' rooms around College, where we can hang out and chat together.

I’m currently studying the UWA foundation course at Taylors College. The foundation course is the equivalent of Year 12, or the final year of high school, which gears you towards your first year of university.

Taylors is 15 minutes away and we have classes from Monday to Friday, 8am to 3pm. Everyone chooses their own subjects. I’m enjoying studying English, maths, marketing and computing. English is my favourite subject. I’m looking forward to graduating from Taylors in December and going to UWA!

Marketing Manager