Getting Around St Cat's


By Sian O’Sullivan

Public Transport

There are several bus stops along College Row and at UWA that you will get familiar with. The main bus routes closest to St Catherine’s are the 950, 998 and 999 Circle-route, 24, 102, 103. There are also several train lines throughout the city that you can utilise.

To access Perth’s public transport system, you can purchase a SmartRider card. You can purchase these from bus and train stations, or from the second-hand book shop at the UWA guild village.

If you are a student, you are eligible for concession rates on public transport. If you don’t have a SmartRider, you can use coins to purchase a ticket on buses.

The price of a ticket will depend on how many zones you are travelling through. The bus stop timetables will have this information provided for you so you can better understand the price breakdown structure.

Public Transport Tips

Some of the bus stops near St Catherine’s College

Some of the bus stops near St Catherine’s College

  • Make sure the bus driver can see you waiting at the stop, by hailing the bus as it approaches.

  • Let the bus driver know when you want to get off by pressing one of the red buttons before you reach your desired stop.


As well as access to efficient public transport and other amenities within walking distance, St Catherine’s has a car sharing program.

Residents can have access to our student car share vehicles that are regularly serviced and cleaned. As such, if you don’t use a car too frequently, there might not be a need to bring a car with you in the first place; perhaps car share is your best option.

Keep in mind, however, if you do need to drive around Perth remember that costs for parking can vary depending on the time and location.


Walking has great health benefits and there is so much to see and do within walking distance of the college. As well as being right across the road from UWA, there are shops, restaurants and the UWA gym – all only a few minutes’ walk from college.

If you are looking for a bush walk, Kings Park is practically in our back yard and has a variety of walking trails to suit your mood and preferred level of difficulty.

Another Tip: For UWA students, the “Lost on Campus” app is a great tool to help find your classes. The app is also helpful to any non-UWA St Catherine’s resident looking for parking, bus stops or ATM’s.

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