PHOTOGRAPHY: Let the pictures do the talking!

Photography is the story we fail to put into words. 


St Cat’s resident, Pierre Gildenhuys, aims to pursue photography that can show and make people feel so much more than words will ever be able to. 

Pierre refers to his photography as a hobby, enjoying shooting live bands around Perth as well as landscapes of places he travels, hoping to one day take pictures capturing different cultures in foreign countries. 

Pierre started out shooting his friends’ bands for fun and has since been approached by other artists asking him to take photographs of their gigs. This has helped him to start up his very own freelance business ‘ScratchTrack’, which he hopes to launch in December.  

Pierre has always been fascinated by how photographers are able to capture and manipulate pictures to reflect the mood of an event, such as live concerts.

“I mainly shoot music scenes because it’s a big part of my life,” said Pierre, who is also a talented musician. 

“I try to set myself apart by using creative techniques such as smoke and 3D effects,” said Pierre. 

Pierre is currently in his second year at SAE Quantm, studying Audio engineering – Majoring in Studio and Post Production. 

Pierre has been enjoying photography for a few years now without publishing, however, since falling in love with the art form, he has created an online presence to help develop his business.

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