Meditation at St Catherine's College

Meditation is a simple session available to all residents at St Catherines, which can help reduce stress, increase calmness and promote happiness.

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Before attending the class, I thought meditation was about becoming a new and better person – but since going to a few sessions I have realised that it is actually about training my awareness, as well as creating more positive and healthy perspectives.

From my first class the atmosphere was warm, calming and comfortable. I brought my pillow, lay on the ground, and began my meditation adventure in a relaxed and supportive environment. It can be so calming during the class, that people drift off to sleep.

Sa Silvano is the spiritual teacher and mentor. She plays singing bowls for the first part of the class before giving the everyone time to relax in silence for 15 minutes.  

In each session, Sa encourages participants to become mindful in all parts of their lives, supporting their journey in becoming more awake, present, and open hearted in everything they do.

Meditation is a life-long tool that can be used to bring yourself back to the present in stressful situations. Stress is something all university students deal with on some level, making this class even more meaningful for residents.

Learning how to meditate is a straight forward and quickly rewarding practice. Classes are held every Tuesday at 4-5PM in the meeting room. Residents can also contact the Wellness Officer, Camila Soto, for more information.


Catherine Massey (St Catherine’s College) (+61 8) 9442 0591

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