St Catherine‘s College wins Inter College Lip Dub Competition 2018

St Catherine’s College are the winners of the 2018 Inter College Lip Dub competition! The screening of all Lip Dub entries was held at Trinity College on Tuesday 15 May with College Row residents watching and cheering along.

With over 100 participants in the 2018 Inter College Lip Dub competition, the skills of several St Catherine’s residents came into play with this year’s winning entry. These included Ella Forkin; Director and Producer and Azrin Zaihan; Cinematographer and Editor. Many leads and extras collaborated to bring alive the vocals of Hot Chelle Rae’s 2011 hit, Tonight Tonight.

The College’s lip synching performance was perfectly dubbed to the song’s tempo and the cinematography captured one extended sequence of lively performers and leads, requiring extensive preparation and rehearsal to create a seamless experience.

The Inter College Lip Dub Competition results were:

St Catherine's - 167 points

St Thomas More - 159 points

Trinity - 153 points

St George's - 147 points

University Hall - 116 points

Find the winning St Catherine’s College entry here on YouTube.


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