Professional Mentoring

Building a bridge to the working world.


St Catherine's residents who are in their third year of study or above at university can elect to be matched with a professional mentor from their intended career industry. The purpose of the Professional Mentoring Program is for mentees to seek information and advice to assist them transition successfully into the workforce.

Mentors who are already involved with the program come from a wide range of industries, and are either professionals currently connected to the College (such as the College Fellows) or can be nominated by the mentees and other residents.

An Invaluable Opportunity

Recent graduate and now alumnus of the College, Junran Cao, participated in the program in 2015. He was matched with David Smith, Deputy Director General: Economic and Deregulation (Dept Premier and Cabinet). Junran is now working in the Department of Justice in Victoria. On the benefits of the mentoring relationship he says, “during our conversations last year, David was able to illuminate me on the skills that are currently in demand and the topical trends in research. It not only helped to clarify my understanding but it is also something that I have continued to lean on in my current role as an analyst.”

Several other residents who have also gone on to secure graduate positions, internships and highly coveted spots in research teams with the assistance of their mentors.

Become a Mentor

We are always looking to partner with more organisations and individuals to grow the Professional Mentoring Program. If you are interested in being involved, please contact Deputy Head of College, Katie Bellini at