Postgraduate Program

We recognise postgraduates have different needs to undergraduates, so we offer you a range of dedicated facilities, events and support.

Supporting our Postgraduates

Postgraduate courses offer you the opportunity to stretch yourself intellectually and extend the horizons of knowledge. This is exhilarating stuff, but it can also be lonely and demanding.

At St Catherine’s we offer postgraduates a community of like-minded scholars who can support each other through the good times and the tough.

All postgraduates studying for professional or research degrees are members of the Postgraduate Common Room. The Postgraduate Common Room is crucial in cultivating a community of scholars and provides a rigorous intellectual environment as well as a lively social space for you to enjoy.

Dedicated Facilities

All the facilities and activities of the College are open to postgraduates but the dedicated Postgraduate Program provides some extras just for you.

As a physical, intellectual and social space, the Postgraduate Common Room offers postgraduates a tight-knit community where everyone understands the trials and tribulations of higher degrees and the need to unwind, with unrestricted graduates-only access to comfortable lounges, kitchenette, large screen TV and sound system.

Dedicated Events and Support

The Postgraduate Program offers social events in and out of College, like social sports teams, theatre and concert outings, group bookings to events in Perth’s International Arts Festival, impromptu movie nights and friends to share a meal out or a few drinks at one of the locals bars and restaurants.

The Postgraduate Program also invites guests to meet with the postgraduate community according to the interest and ambitions of its members during its monthly dinners. Beyond this there are also opportunities for a private meal with distinguished visiting scholars or an opportunity to meet with leading graduate employers, as well as ongoing professional development workshops.

Katrina De Ruyck
Postgraduate Program Director

"Working in close collaboration with other flagship programs in the College, we provide the 100 postgraduate residents with a program tailored for mature students. A dynamic environment for networking, service learning and professional development extends the benefits of the college experience into their future careers."