Innovation Hub – Bloom

St Catherine's College is the home of UWA's student innovation hub, Bloom. It's a dedicated space for innovative, young people to create, network and change the world!

St Catherine's College encourages its residents to be innovative and bold in their approach, and by collaborating with the youth driven organisation, Bloom, we enable young people to embrace thinking about their future in a different way. Imagine being able to create your own job and starting up a business while still a student – with Bloom at St Cat's, you can!

Embrace Innovation as a St Catherine's Resident

  • Join other young innovators at the 75 workshops held each year.
  • "Skills That Uni Won't Teach You" events focuses on providing practical skills from structuring a business, to developing a social media campaign.
  • Participate in a Startup Incubator Program to take your idea to a viable business venture.
  • Meet 50 experienced entrepreneurs who will help you develop your skills
  • Be part of the innovation eco-system.
  • Work with other innovators to solve industry challenges.

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What is Bloom all about?


Future generations need to be inspired to seek opportunities to improve the status quo, not just land a job. Bloom provides opportunities to meet and be inspired by successful entrepreneurs, to access real-world industry challenges that you can build businesses around, and to be introduced to entrepreneurial opportunities in our region.


Young people need the skills to be able to flourish and become job builders in a rapidly changing economy. Bloom provides a series of workshops and meetups to develop enterprising skills, digital literacy, and financial literacy. Since 2015, there have been more than 3,000 attendees to Bloom events.


Starting a business is difficult, and it's crucial that the next generation of entrepreneurs have as much support as possible. Bloom at St Catherine's gives young entrepreneurs a community to support them in their earliest stages. Bloom's mentor network provides guidance and support that helps young entrepreneurs avoid common pitfalls.

Darren Lomman
Director of Innovation, CEO of Bloom

"At Bloom, we believe that young people are deserving of the support and encouragement needed to fully develop their entrepreneurial skills. Bloom is the place to be if you have a business idea you want to develop and you like being surrounded by other bright, young people kickstarting exciting things!"