Unparalleled Academic Support

St Catherine’s College fosters a thriving academic and intellectual culture, spearheaded by our comprehensive academic support program that complements your university studies.

Our Academic Program produces prestegious international scholarship winners!

Mark Shelton wins the Monash Scholarship

Mark received a two year scholarship to study a Masters of Computer Science at Stanford University where he will use artificial intelligence to make predictions on the likelihood of start-up businesses receiving financial investment, the focus of his Honours thesis. Mark is also the co-founder of Bloom, a non-profit organisation that provides a dedicated space at St Catherine's for any young, innovative West Australians to create, collaborate and network.

Tania Loke wins the Rhodes Scholarship

Tania was announced as the 2017 Rhodes Scholar for Malaysia. This is Malaysia’s first Rhodes Scholarship in 12 years. Having completed a Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours), majoring in Political Science and International Relations at UWA with First Class Honours in Physics, she now plans to take her passion for social issues and public policy to Oxford University where she will complete a Master of Public Policy (MPP) and an MSc in Comparative Social Policy.

A comprehensive tutoring program, so you can be successful academically

We are proud of the fact that the results of over half of all units our residents are studying are of a High Distinction and Distinction grade, with over 25% of our residents never receiving a grade below a Distinction. Furthermore, St Catherine's was the first college to receive an Excellence in Teaching and Learning Award from The University of Western Australia, recognising our outstanding contribution to student learning.

St Catherine's College offers our residents a comprehensive in-house academic program, with over 110 unit-specific tutorials every week, across all disciplines and year levels, led by experienced academic tutors.

Tutorials are offered on a request basis so if you are having trouble with a unit or want to excel, we can help. There are rarely more than five residents in a tutorial so you get dedicated one-on-one support to help you better understand your subject areas.

This program is offered as a complimentary service if you live at St Catherine's.

Transition to University – Dedicated Support For Our First Year at University Residents

We know how daunting going to University can be and we are here to help!

The 'Transition to Uni' program, forms a key pillar of the overall academic program. The program is designed to assist our first year at university residents to transition from high school to more self-directed study and active learning, key aspects necessary for successful university study.

Sessions are run monthly and focus on a range of areas, from general tips to topic specific information and resources and include the following:

✔ Developing effective self-study habits
✔ Identifying individual learning styles
✔ General health
✔ Wellness and motivation

✔ Avoiding procrastination
✔ Preparing for lectures
✔ Tutorials and labs
✔ Essay writing and referencing

The transition program is in recognition of the new teaching styles of universities with two key principles:

  • That students will be expected to take responsibility for their own learning
  • The traditional model of information presentation will be replaced with small group workshops where students are encouraged to critique, analyse and apply information

Meet Distinguished Academics and Guests at St Catherine's

In one semester alone, nearly 90 academic staff or industry professionals attend College functions, dinners and events to share their research and expertise in a diverse range of fields and topics. This opportunity gives our residents unique and invaluable insights from the perspective of leaders in academia and captains of industry.

Language Tables

Hosted by a native speaker, language tables are held once a week with residents coming together in groups to learn and practice the language that they are studying.

Tables are also held for English as a Second Language (ESL) residents, giving international students the opportunity to practice their English in a supportive and fun environment.

Want to join or host a table? 

Hosts are responsible for organising the time and location of the table, hosting residents, and coming up with weekly topics, leading the conversation, giving feedback, participating in cultural activities and promoting the program to other residents.

Participants are responsible for attending the table sessions they've registered for and actively participating in the activities hosted by their fellow residents.

If you have any queries about this program, please contact the Director of Student Development.

Lucy Sharp
Director of Student Development and Learning

"As Director of Student Development and Learning, I coordinate the 'Transition to Uni' program. St Catherine’s College residents are from diverse backgrounds and tend to be far away from familial support so the 'Transition to Uni' program ensures our residents have access to staff and later year students to assist them to excel in their studies."

Email: directorofstudentdevelopment@stcatherines.uwa.edu.au

Jiaranai Keatnuxsuo
Director of Studies

"Every resident at St Catherine's College has the potential for excellence. It is my duty and privilege as Director of Studies, to assist in developing that potential. We want our residents to be as successful as they can and make the most of their university experience"

Email: directorofstudies@stcatherines.uwa.edu.au