Formal Hall

  • Withnell Dining Hall 2 Park Road Crawley, WA, 6009 Australia

Introduction to Formal Hall

Formal Hall is held every Monday evening during the academic semester, and is an expression of the coming together of St Catherine's as a community of scholars. It for this reason that academic gowns are worn for Formal Hall, as they have been for centuries at the world's leading university colleges.

The First Formal Hall of 2017

  • Attendance is compulsory for all residents who are in their first year at university, students from Taylors College, and Foundation Studies students (including TAFE).
  • This week's Formal Hall is also compulsory for all residents in Casa and Upper Maya, as well as all later-year residents in Upper Arney and Lower Whitfield.

Residents from the above two groups must register to confirm their attendance, or upload a written letter of apology addressed to the Head of College explaining why they cannot attend, using the form below.

All other residents are welcome to attend if they wish and must also register to confirm their attendance using the form below.

All registrations and apologies are due no later than 8 pm on Sunday (12 March).

If you fail to attend a Formal Hall that was compulsory for you and you did not upload a letter of apology explaining your absence before they were due using the form below, a $25 fine will be issued.

When: Monday, 13 March
Time: Doors open at 5.30 pm
Venue: Withnell Dining Hall
Dress: Formal with academic gown
Please stand behind your chair for the entry of the official party at 6 pm, and remain standing until the High Table is seated.

Register your attendance or upload your letter of apology