Golden Z Speed Networking

  • St Catherine's College, UWA

When: Thursday, September 3 at 7pm
Venue: St Catherine's College Foyer
Dress: Smart, professional attire


Dear Resident,

You are invited to attend The NETWORKING EVENT at St Catherine’s College, in the new foyer on the 3rd of September from 7pm-9pm.

What is it?

The NETWORKING EVENT is an amazing opportunity for you to meet and socialize with a number of young professionals with enviable, innovative, prestigious or just plain interesting jobs.

How will it run?

The event is going to run in a similar fashion to a speed-dating event. There will be some time at the beginning to drink fabulous wine and mingle with the guests. Then from 7:30pm-8pm, you will have the opportunity to meet 4 - 6 guests for 5 minutes each.  During this time you can ask them anything about their job, why they chose this profession, what was their undergraduate degree, do they have any advice for you etc. A bell will ding and you will meet a different guest and you can ask them similar/same or entirely different questions. After that more wine and the event will conclude at about 9pm.

Why should I attend?

It is an invaluable opportunity to meet and make some industry connections.. In this current job market who you know is often more important then what you know.  You will also get to meet some people who might be currently working in a position or career which you are interested in moving into after you graduate. Also wine!

What will it cost?

$10 entry fee with a FREE GLASS OF WINE (to be paid on the night at the door)

Wine will be on sale for $3 a glass

If you sign up via the website link, then we will give you an info pack with all the information you need to know before you attend.


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