St Catherine's Semester 2 Orientation

  • St Catherine's College, UWA

12noon - 2pm: Welcome Lunch

Come along and mingle with staff, your Leadership Team and fellow residents over a Mexican-themed buffet lunch.

3pm - 5pm: Ice Breakers

The ResClub and RAs will lead a series of fun games to help you get to know one another. Open to all - returners come and welcome new members of the St Cat's family!

8pm: Wing Meetings

COMPULSORY for all. Meet your RA in the common area of your wing to meet new members of your Wing Combat Team and take care of some house-keeping matters. It is rumoured they have some treats!

8.30pm: Bonfire, Jam Session and Speed Friending

What better way to make new friends and get to know your fellow residents than to speed-friend a bunch of them whilst enjoying a bonfire and jam session. Join us at the Jull Common Room Courtyard.

July 27
Formal Hall